Bronx DWI Lawyer


The decision to go to trial in your DWI case in the Bronx is a big step. In order to go to trial you must have a strategy to have a good outcome. There are two types of trials in a DWI case in teh Bronx. The first is a jury trial. These are the trials we have all seen on television. In a Bronx DWI case you have a jury of six instead of twelve in the case is not a felony. The jury makes the decision of innocence or guilty. The other type of trial is a bench trial. This means that the judge and only the judge hears the case and decised guilt or innocence.

One of the major obstacles in a DWI trial is attacking the Breathalyzer machine. These machines are highly innacurate. They simply do not work. However they have been given great weight in a DWI trial. There are many ways to attack the Breathalyzer machine and we will explore all of them. We are also familiar with the court process in the Bronx and will guide you every stepf of the way. If you are facing a Bronx DWI trial, contact The Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC, at 917-519-8417.